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     Average Nova Scotia gasoline and residential furnace oil
prices fell during the past month, but average diesel oil prices

     In all cases the changes were relatively small, according to
a survey conducted by the Nova Scotia Department of Natural
Resources, with average gasoline and furnace prices dropping by
less than half a cent per litre, and diesel oil rising by 0.3
cents per litre.

     The survey indicated that northern Nova Scotia and Cape
Breton accounted for most of the reduction in average gasoline
prices, while changes were mixed in Halifax County and western
Nova Scotia.

     All regions, except Halifax County, indicated lower average
furnace oil prices, whereas all regions except the northern part
of the province experienced increased average diesel oil prices.

     Despite these changes, prices in Halifax County remain well
below those in other areas of the province for all petroleum

     Most of the reduction in gasoline prices occurred at the
wholesale level, with little or no reduction in retail margins
during the past month.
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mfm                             January 25, 1995