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     Western Kings Memorial Hospital in Berwick is moving swiftly
in its role conversion from inpatient services.

     At a meeting yesterday the hospital, the Quality Health Care
for Western Kings Committee and the Department of Health
identified a full range of primary health care programs to be
formalized over the next few weeks, said Bob St. Laurent,
regional director for the Department of Health.

     He said family physicians will work closely with the
community and with the Department of Health in identifying
specific outpatient services required. 

     Following board approval, architects will begin the design
stage for the hospital's conversion to a 40 bed long-term care

     "The community seems to be very positive about the process,"
said Jim Munro, Western Kings hospital board member. "It's
important that decisions are made as we proceed."

     Western Kings, a 46 bed acute care community hospital, is
scheduled to close inpatient services March 31. It will convert
to a 40 bed long term care facility which will also provide a
full range of outpatient primary health care programs.
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lm                                               January 26, 1995