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     Nova Scotia's 1995 Canada Winter Games Team of 317 athletes,
coaches, managers and mission staff "heads west" to Grande
Prairie and Jasper, Alta., Feb. 19 to March 4.

     The 1995 Nova Scotia contingent is the largest ever for
winter competitions and, "is the result of an enormous
partnership of effort among volunteers, parents, sponsors, sport
organizations and government," said Sport and Recreation Minister
Eleanor Norrie.  "We are all very proud of the team that will
represent Nova Scotia.

     The 1991 Canada Winter Games held in Charlottetown, saw Nova
Scotia finish seventh overall with six gold medals, five silver
medals and 10 bronze medals.

     Among the Nova Scotians who will travel to the 1995 Canada
Winter Games are 31 Valley Region members: alpine ski: Joe
O'Brien (Coach), Windsor; Maggie Phillips, Wolfville; Badminton:
Kim Hau, Wolfville; Dave Wesley (Coach), Granville Ferry;
Biathalon: Vickie Armstrong, Falmouth; Bethany Blanchard,
Kentville; Cory Lake, Windsor; Cecil MacLeod, Windsor; Jeff
McIsaac, Falmouth; Wayne Myles (coach) and Krista Myles (manager)
of Hantsport; boxing: Bryan Gibson (coach), Kentville; Tristan
Jones, Coldbrook; Richard Moore, Canning; figure skating: Melinda
Kunhegye (coach), Kentville; Paul Rodgers, Middleton; Mike
Slauenwhie and Meghan Slauernwhite, Greenwood; Joshua Spicer,
Berwick; men's hockey: Josh Dill, Windsor; women's hockey: Megan
Hutchinson, Windsor; Melissa Welton, Middleton; shooting: Sarah
MacDonald, Berwick; Shawn Walsh, Port Williams; squash: James
Churchill, Port Williams; synchronized swimming: Michelle
Guitard, Kingston; Mariah Mailman, Middleton; table tennis: Gavin
Gates, Middleton; weightlifting: Allan Elliot (manager), Milford
Station; wheelchair basketball: Steven Kendall, Kings County;
nordic ski: Margaret Scallion, Wentworth.
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lm                                      January 26, 1994