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     The dinosaurs are back and they are at the Museum of Natural
History from Feb. 4 to March 26. 

     Two tractor trailers with loads of dinosaurs are arriving at
the Museum of Natural History, 1747 Summer St., Halifax. SO don't
be surprised to run into a five meter (16 feet) tall skeleton of
T-rex over the next seven weeks.

     Research Casting International, of Toronto, which
specializes in dinosaur reproductions, created these models. The
company has also produced dinosaurs for the American Museum of
Natural History in New York City and for Steven Speilberg's movie
"Jurassic Park".

     The "jaw dropper" in the exhibit is the full scale replica
of the most complete T-rex skeleton ever found. Too big for the
museum foyer, T-rex will be assembled in the main gallery. "T-rex
is probably the largest exhibit we've ever mounted and
undoubtedly the tallest. The leg bones alone are 12 feet high and
weigh over 500 pounds," said Stephen Archibald, the museum's
interpretation manager.

     "If you found Jurassic Park exciting then you're going to
love standing at the business end of T-rex. We have built a
platform so you can climb right up to those banana-sized teeth,"
said museum director Debra Burleson.

     "Nova Scotia boasts Canada's oldest dinosaur fossils. This
exhibit gives everyone a chance to see some of the youngest and
shows you what our dinosaurs evolved into," said Burleson.

     For seven weeks museum guides will offer daily programs and
demonstrations about dinosaurs and explore the fascinating world
of geologists who search for mineral wealth in Nova Scotia.

     Young people are drawn like magnets to the "dino dig" where
they can sift through sand, to excavate a dino skeleton. Computer
programs illustrate dinosaur facts and myths. Complete skeletons
include the horned Chasmasaurus, Flying Pteranodon and Dienoychys
"the terrible claw".

     Partial funding for the exhibit is from the Cooperation
Agreement on Mineral Development, Province of Nova Scotia
Contact: Debra Burleson, 424-7353


     A press preview of the exhibit, Dinosaurs at the Museum,
will take place at 10:30 a.m., Thursday, Feb.2 at the Museum of
Natural History, 1747 Summer St., Halifax.

     Chief museum guide Susan Atkinson-Keen will describe the
daily programs. Geology curator Bob Grantham will answer
questions about Nova Scotia's dinosaurs, and Debra Burleson will
describe the pre-historic sleepovers that will take place each
Saturday night during the exhibit period.