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     Fisheries Minister Jim Barkhouse said he is prepared to
consider expanding an experimental aquaculture project in the
Annapolis Basin following a request from the Digby County
Community Futures.

     Mr. Barkhouse said that an expansion of the project would
provide additional and important data on the potential for
aquaculture development and the impact from this activity.

     "We need more information on the environmental and grow-out
conditions in the basin.  Existing operations are growing fish
successfully, but additional sites are required to answer the
many questions concerning environmental effects and conflicting
uses of the basin," he said.

     The minister said that the suspension of commercial
aquaculture development will remain in effect until March, 1996.

     "At that time, we expect to have a better understanding of
the role aquaculture can play in the basin.  In the meantime, we
have asked the local communities to design a development plan,
which should be in place before the lifting of the suspension."

     Mr. Barkhouse said community involvement is important in the
development process.  "We have adopted a cautious approach to
ensure that development of this sector remains consistent with,
and sensitive to, community interests."

     As part of the development process, the province has asked
the Digby County Community Futures to form a Regional Aquaculture
Development Advisory Committee (RADAC).

     "The RADACs are proving to be very effective in the
aquaculture development process in other parts of the province,"
he said.
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lm                                       January 31, 1995