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Five Nova Scotia passive solar homes are profiled in a new
20 minute home video now available from the provincial
Department of Natural Resource's ENERinfo advisory service.
The video features tours of two new state-of-the-art houses
and three renovated homes. It includes interviews with the
home owners, as well as basic information on passive solar
energy and how to make it work best.
"The homes featured in the video each illustrate the warmth,
high light levels, and low energy costs that can be achieved
by designing simple and low cost passive solar features into
residential projects," said Natural Resources Minister Don
Downe. "It's something that anyone planning to build or
renovate a home would certainly be interested in."
Free heat from the sun can supply up to 30 percent of
heating needs in conventional homes and up to 60 percent of
heating requirements in an all-solar home.
Passive Solar Home Design can be borrowed at no charge
through the Department's ENERinfo video library. A copy can
be requested by calling, toll free, 1-800-670-4636. The
video was jointly funded by the provincial and federal
Departments of Natural Resources.
Contact: Brian Hayes, DNR  902-424-8162
         Allan Parker, DNR 902-424-8175
trp                      Oct. 2, 1995