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The Department of Education and Culture has announced that
Kimberly Dawn, Halifax, is the recipient of the Gordon Parsons
Scholarship, valued at $1,000. The award is sponsored by the
Cultural Affairs Division and awarded annually to a student
enrolled in the video/filmmaking medium at the Nova Scotia
College of Art and Design (NSCAD). 

The scholarship was initiated by Premier John Savage in
September, 1993 in memory of Gordon Parsons, who was a driving
force in the Atlantic film industry. Some of Mr. Parson's
accomplishments included establishing Nova Scotia's only repetory
cinema house, Wormwood's Dog and Monkey Cinema; assisting with
the establishment of the Alliance of Film and Video; the Linda
Joy Media Arts Society; the Motion Picture Heritage Fund of Nova
Scotia and the Nova Scotia Chapter of the Association for Media
Literacy. In addition, Mr. Parsons was executive director of the
Atlantic Film Festival. In 1994, the award was given to artist
Bev Lewis when it was called the Rising Star Award. 

Ms. Dawn began her education at NSCAD with an entrance award to
the college in the Spring, 1993 semester. After completing her
foundation semester of study, Ms. Dawn began to explore the
video/sound and performance medium. Her artwork has been
exhibited at NSCAD's Anna Leonowen Gallery, the Eye Level
Gallery, Kyber Art Centre and the Cabaret Voltaire. She has also
received scholarship recognition from NSCAD for her outstanding
academic and artistic accomplishments. During the fall 1995
semester, she will be awarded the Joseph Beuys Memorial
Scholarship and a Centennial Scholarship from the Dr. Elizabeth
Connor Fund. 

The Cultural Affairs division of the Department of Education and
Culture supports cultural development at the community level and
encourages emerging and professional artists. 


EDITORS: Photo and CV of Kimberly Dawn are available.
Contact: Cultural Affairs Division (902) 424-6398

jlw                                         Oct. 3, 1993