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Premier John Savage said he is encouraged by the latest
employment figures from Statistics Canada.

"Employment in Nova Scotia last month was up 8,000 from
September, 1994. That's the third straight month employment in
Nova Scotia has increased."

The premier said the actual unemployment rate last month was at
9.6 per cent, it's lowest level since August, 1990.

"While we have to be concerned about any unemployment in the
province, it is gratifying that we seem to be making steady
progress in increasing the number of jobs available to Nova

The premier said the employment picture on Cape Breton Island, 
although far from satisfactory, has also improved. The
unemployment rate is now down to 18.8 per cent, a drop of almost
three points from a year ago.

"It's interesting to note that when the government took office,
the unemployment rate in Cape Breton was over 25 per cent."

The premier said the provincial government will continue to make
job creation a number one priority.

Premier Savage said the fact that the government has made
significant progress in getting Nova Scotia's finances in order
has been an important factor in stimulating confidence in the

"Business realizes that Nova Scotia is serious about getting it's
financial house in order. As a result, the government has been
able to create a climate that encourages investor confidence,"
the premier said.


Contact: David Harrigan

trp                       Oct. 10, 1995