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Continuing and new training needs in the Strait of Canso region
will be offered from one modern, comprehensive Nova Scotia
Community College campus, to be located in the current Nautical
Institute facilities.

Educational Consulting Services Canada, contracted to assess
college facilities in Port Hawkesbury, found there is too much
under-utilized space between the Strait Campus and Nautical
Institute, which are only about five kilometres apart.
Accordingly the Strait Campus will be closed at the end of July
1996. Arrangements will begin immediately to move some programs
offered at the Strait Campus to the Nautical Institute site.
There will be no program changes as a result of this decision.

Education and Culture Minister John MacEachern said he agrees
with the consultant's conclusion that one modern, comprehensive
campus will better serve the needs of students and employers. 
The community will also be asked for input into a name for the
new campus to reflect its broadened mandate.

"I want to ensure that the strait region has access to the
training employers demand and students need to get jobs," Mr.
MacEachern said. "Spending less on buildings puts the college in
a much better position to meet these new and continuing training
needs for many years to come."

The Nautical Institute site can accommodate virtually all current
programs now being offered at the two campuses, with room for
more students in the future, should training needs grow. The only
exception is the heavy trades training now at the Strait Campus. 
That training will continue at its present location for the rest
of this year.

For 1996, the college has already begun exploring options for
locating these programs in Port Hawkesbury. The minister said
that since there are no program changes as a result of this
decision, teaching assignments for the current Strait Campus
instructors will be transferred to the new campus.

He said all students will benefit from this modern campus, and
Strait Campus students will, for the first time, have access to a

Bringing faculty and staff together, along with other individual
strengths of the two campuses, will create a stronger, more
diverse campus for students, with greater ability to adapt to
changing labour market needs, the minister said as well, the
college will look at options for making more use of its student
residence, to provide greater access for training.

More than $500,000 annually can be saved in maintenance costs
through amalgamation. As well, the minister said, funding will no
longer be required for extensive renovations to bring the Strait
Campus up to contemporary community college standards.

A toll-free line (1-800-805-8884) has been established to respond
to student and staff questions and an Open House will also be
held at the new campus shortly.


Contact: Donna MacDonald

         Lisa Bugden

trp                       Oct. 11, 1995