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Dates for the 1995 Nova Scotia deer hunting season have been
announced by Natural Resources Minister Don Downe.

The general open season for deer starts Friday, Oct. 27, and runs
until Saturday, Dec. 2, inclusive. Hunting is not permitted on

"The buck law, which allows hunters to take only male deer with
antlers, will remain in place again this season, " said Mr.
Downe, "This conservation and management measure will help to
restock the deer herd, which had been declining until the buck
law was introduced in 1993."

The fee for a resident deer hunting licence is $21 plus GST, the
same as it has been for the past three years. Resident senior
citizens are not charged for their licences. The fee for
non-resident hunters is $100 plus GST.

First time hunters are required to take a hunting safety course,
which this year includes both the Canadian Firearm Safety Course
and the provincial hunter safety component. To register for the
course, individuals should contact local offices of the
Department of Natural Resources.

Since hunter safety education became mandatory in 1978, the
number of hunting fatalities and personal injury accidents has
been cut in half. No fatalities were recorded during the 1993 and
1994 hunting seasons and there were only four personal injury
hunting accidents last year.

"Hunting is a popular recreation for many thousands of Nova
Scotians and it makes a substantial contribution to the
provincial economy," said Mr. Downe. "Our hunter safety record is
excellent and, as the deer season approaches, I encourage all
hunters to continue to make safety a top priority."

During the 1994 deer hunting season, just under 5,300 deer were
bagged. There were more than 51,000 licensed deer hunters.


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