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The month of October is designated by the federal government as
Women's History Month, and is a time to recognize and appreciate
the achievements, throughout history, of women from all
backgrounds, occupations, and levels of education. This year the
theme is Women and Education.

Education and Culture Minister John MacEachern said his
department is pleased to recognize the ongoing role of women in

Throughout history, he said, the contributions and achievements
of women as teachers have been great, and they have been the
cornerstone of education in this province and continue to be a
valued resource.

The theme of this year's Women's History Month, Women and
Education, not only provides an opportunity to focus on women as
educators but as learners as well, the minister said, "The
Department of Education and Culture is committed to ensuring an
equal education for all. It encourages all teachers to promote
equality for women and evaluates authorized learning materials
with respect to how women are portrayed."

The department has also implemented changes in programs and
services to help overcome any bias against female learners. The
department's media library provides video tapes to raise
awareness of women's issues and the role women play in various
fields. Some of these videos are Women in Science, Women
Inventors, and Women of Color in Higher Education.

School boards have also played an active role in  highlighting
women's issues, sponsoring gender awareness training and
participating in community/school research initiatives such as
dating violence prevention and non-traditional career planning.

Outside the school system, the department was also involved in
the production of a human rights training manual which has a
section addressing women's issues. The manual was produced in
co-operation with the Maritime Provinces Education Foundation

"The Department of Education and Culture will continue to work to
ensure that the potential contributions of all women are
realized. To do this, the department believes it is essential to
develop and implement programs to support the advancement of
women in all areas and all levels of education," Mr. MacEachern


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trp                       Oct. 13, 1995