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A board of inquiry into the complaint of Maria Black against the
Top O' The Cove Restaurant, and one of its owners, David Hampson,
has upheld Ms. Black's complaint.

Ms. Black made a complaint under the Human Rights Act on Sept.
27, 1993, alleging that she was discriminated against because of
her sex (pregnancy) by Mr. Hampson and the restaurant, when she
was dismissed from her duties as floor waitress when Hampson
learned that she was pregnant.

The complaint could not be resolved following an investigation.
The matter proceeded to a board of inquiry chaired by Prof. Mary
Ellen Turpel-Lafond. Early in the hearing a settlement was
reached among the parties. Prof. Turpel-Lafond adjourned the
hearing on Oct. 3, 1994, and retained jurisdiction until the
terms of the settlement were satisfied by Mr. Hampson.

Mr. Hampson defaulted on the terms of the settlement and the
board of inquiry was reconvened Sept. 22, 1995.

In its decision of Oct. 2, 1995, the board of inquiry found that
Mr. Hampson and the Top O' The Cove Restaurant had discriminated
against Ms. Black. Ms. Black was awarded damages for lost wages
of $30,720, plus interest, and damages for hurt feelings of
$8,000, plus interest. Mr. Hampson was ordered to write a letter
of apology and a positive letter of reference for Ms. Black. If
Hampson fails to provide these within one month of the decision,
the award for hurt feelings will increase to $10,000.


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