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Premier John Savage announced today he will recommend the
appointment of Doug Giles as interim Sergeant-at-Arms for the
provincial legislature.

Mr. Giles is currently head of security at Province House.

"Doug has filled in on numerous occasions as Sergeant-at-Arms
and has agreed to take on the task for at least the current
legislative session."

The premier said the selection of a permanent Sergeant-at-Arms
will likely take place prior to the Spring 1996 session of the

"We have received all kinds of suggestions. We want more time
to assess the candidates."

Mr. Giles is a veteran of the Second World War serving with the
Princess Louise Fusiliers from 1941-1946. He served in Italy,
France, Germany and Holland. As a Vickers machine gunner on the
front lines, Mr. Giles received six decorations. When
discharged he held the rank of sergeant. Mr. Giles later served
with the Halifax Police Department for 33 years.


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trp                      Oct. 18, 1995