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Joseph Morrison, with more than 30 years' public education
experience, has been hired as school board amalgamation
co-ordinator for the new regional Valley Board. Dr. Morrison
will work with the local amalgamation committee, including
representatives from the existing Kings, Hants West and
Annapolis districts, to plan a smooth transition to the new
regional school board.

Dr. Morrison holds a bachelor of commerce, bachelor of
education, and master of education. He has also earned a
doctorate from the Atlantic Institute of Education, and a
certificate in community education leadership from the National
Centre for Community Education in Michigan. His experience extends
from the classroom to senior management, including the positions of
superintendent of operations and chief executive officer for the
province's largest school board, Halifax County-Bedford.
Dr. Morrison is a certified strategic planning facilitator from the
Cambridge Management Corporation.

"Kings, Annapolis and Hants West are already showing real
leadership as we move forward to amalgamation," Education and
Culture Minister John MacEachern said. "Dr. Morrison has the
experience and skills to build on this momentum, creating a new
regional board focussed on meeting the needs of students
throughout the Valley."

Dr. Morrison was selected following a publicly-advertised
competition. Once proposals were received, a departmental
committee reviewed the proposals and conducted interviews based
on established criteria, including leadership and communication
skills, knowledge of educational issues (including school board
and school council roles and responsibilities), and management,
finance and consensus-building skills.  

Two co-ordinators have already been hired, now working in the
Strait Region and on the province's first Le Conseil Scolaire
Acadien Provincial. Co-ordinators for Cape Breton-Victoria and
for Southwest will be announced shortly, and advertisements for
the final co-ordinators, for Metro and Chignecto-Central, will
be placed this week.


Contact: Donna MacDonald  902-424-2615

trp                         Oct. 18, 1995