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  The Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture and Marketing today
  issued a statement to provide additional information
  surrounding the issue of meat inspection in the province.

  Nova Scotia currently has a voluntary meat inspection program.
  There are 15 abattoirs and 20 free standing processing plants
  enrolled in this program.

  The majority of meat sold in Nova Scotia is inspected either
  through the plants enrolled in the voluntary program or from
  federally inspected plants. Food chain stores, the largest
  retailers of meat in the province, have a policy of selling
  only inspected meat. All meat imported into Nova Scotia is
  inspected under the federal inspection program.

  Of meat consumed in Nova Scotia, approximately 91 percent of
  beef, 99 percent of poultry, 99.6 percent of hogs and over 90
  percent of lamb is inspected. Of the small portion remaining
  that is uninspected, a significant percentage of this meat is
  sold direct to the consumer as freezer meat; and in such cases,
  the consumer knows the source and the reputation of the producer
  to judge the quality of the product they are buying.

  The Department of Agriculture and Marketing is currently
  looking at the benefit and costs of introducing mandatory meat
  inspection into the province.


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  trp                    Oct. 18, 1995