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This is Mining Week in Nova Scotia and Natural Resources
Minister Don Downe has paid tribute to the mining industry and the
people who work in it in this province.

"Mining is a major employer and an important contributor to the
economy," said Mr. Downe. "It provides 4,000 direct jobs for
Nova Scotians and approximately 8,000 indirect jobs. Sales of
minerals produced in Nova Scotia are valued at about $450 million
annually and the industry also contributes more than $164 million
each year in wages and salaries. As these numbers indicate, mining
is a very important industry in our province."

Coal mining is the largest component of the mining industry in
Nova Scotia. It employs about 2300 people and, in 1994, had a
production value of $216 million.

Nova Scotia is also a major producer of gypsum and salt. It is
the most productive gypsum mining area in North America and, in
1994, achieved record production at seven million tonnes with a
sales value of $70 million.

Salt mined in Nova Scotia is used in the chemical, fishing,
agriculture, food, and paper industries. More than one million
tonnes of salt are produced in Nova Scotia each year and sales
of salt in 1994 were valued at $60 million, a 24 per cent
increase over 1993 sales.

In addition to coal, gypsum and salt, other minerals mined in
Nova Scotia include limestone, silica sand, aggregate, clay,
shale, dolomite, peat moss, and building stone.

"As minister responsible for our natural resources, I am proud
of the contribution the mining industry makes to employment and
the economy of Nova Scotia," said Mr. Downe. "I welcome this
opportunity during Mining Week to endorse the industry and
salute the thousands of people who work so hard to make it

During Mining Week, the provincial Department of Natural
Resources is participating in mall displays, education days and
open houses that have been organized across the province by the
Chamber of Mineral Resources of Nova Scotia, the Mining Society
of Nova Scotia, the Prospectors Association of Nova Scotia, and
the federal Department of Natural Resources.

In September 1994, Mr. Downe endorsed the Whitehorse Mining
Initiative on behalf of the province. The initiative is a
national accord that sets out principles and goals for a
"socially, economically and environmentally sustainable and
prosperous mining industry." It was developed in consultation
with various stakeholder groups which have interests in the
mining industry.


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