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Joseph Giles Elementary School, 54 Gregory Drive, Dartmouth,
will host a human rights conference the week of Oct. 23 to 26
involving presentations and speakers for students, staff and

Students will be introduced to topics including basic rights
throughout the world; respect for the individual and
individuals' differences; aboriginal and black people, Acadians
and Chinese, people who are physically challenged, women in
non-traditional roles, the work of peace keepers etc.

This is the 141st human rights school conference since 1974
co-sponsored by the Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission with
schools in Nova Scotia.

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the United Nations. 
To celebrate the United Nations Day in Schools, Oct. 24, and
also Mi'kmaq History Month, the conference will begin with a
sweet grass ceremony by Dale Sylliboy, director/facilitator,
Community Legal Issues Facilitators, demonstration project.

Premier John Savage will raise the United Nations flag at l
p.m. and speak briefly on the United Nations' 50th anniversary,
followed by students' presentations conveying their own views
about human rights and children.

The keynote speaker of the conference is Wayne MacKay,
executive director of Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission.  Mr.
MacKay said, "It is particularly important to be vigilant in
the protection of human rights, when the economy is poor. 
Financial pressures often bring a mean spirited approach to both
the public and the private sector, and those who are most
vulnerable may be sacrificed in the name of restraint.  We can
always afford to respect the human rights and dignity of people.
We can never afford not to."

School principal, Stephen Handspiker said, "Time is spent
with the children trying to get them to respect the rights of
all.  This conference is very special to all of us as we will
focus on the theme of Human Rights for the week but,
realistically, we all need to constantly focus on this in our
daily lives.  I'm sure the children will gain greatly from this
special week."

Throughout the remainder of the conference, guest speakers
will be visiting all classes speaking with students, teachers
and parents to develop a greater awareness, understanding, mutual
respect for and appreciation of each other, and of the
contributions of Canadians to the United Nations.


Contact:  Wayne MacKay, 902-424-3130
          May Lui, 902-424-4111 or 424-7282
          Stephen Handspiker, 902-464-5192 or 902-464-5195
          Linda Curry Little, 902-464-5192 or 902-464-5195

lm                                      October 20, 1995