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Rene Patry, with extensive classroom and senior management
education experience, has been hired as school board
amalgamation co-ordinator for the new regional Cape Breton-Victoria
school board.

Mr. Patry will work with a local amalgamation committee,
including representatives from the existing Cape Breton and
Northside-Victoria districts, to plan a smooth transition to
the new regional school board.  

Mr. Patry brings 35 years of educational experience to the
position, particularly in leadership roles, communication,
special programs, evaluation and all areas of management. He is
also familiar with the Northside-Victoria and Cape Breton
districts, serving for about 20 years in various senior
management roles in both, including the positions of chief
education officer and superintendent of schools.

"Mr. Patry has direct experience with schools and communities
from Cape North to Middle River to Glace Bay," Education and
Culture Minister John MacEachern said. "He is an ideal
candidate to work with the local amalgamation committee and build
one of the strongest school boards in the province for the students
in Cape Breton-Victoria."

Mr. Patry was selected following a publicly-advertised
competition. Once proposals were received, a departmental
committee reviewed the proposals and conducted interviews based
on established criteria, including leadership and communication
skills, knowledge of educational issues (including school board
and school council roles and responsibilities), and management,
finance and consensus-building skills.

Three co-ordinators have already been hired, now working in the
Strait and Valley regions, and on the province's first Le
Conseil Scolaire Acadien Provincial. Co-ordinators for Southwest
will be hired next, and advertisements for the final co-ordinators
for Metro and Chignecto-Central have been placed.


Contact: Donna MacDonald  902-424-2615

trp                      Oct. 20, 1995