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  A group of Nova Scotians representing business, labour,
  municipal and provincial politicians met this morning to
  plan a series of events related to the national unity
  Those attending today's session expressed their desire to
  make a positive statement on national unity as a prelude to
  next Monday's Quebec Referendum.
  Among the steps that will be taken are:
  - A large number of Nova Scotians will be encouraged to   
  attend a giant "NO" rally in Montreal on Friday.
  - A celebration of National Unity Rally will be held at the  
  Grand Parade in Halifax on Friday at 1:00 p.m. Business,   
  governmental, trade union groups and Nova Scotians will be   
  asked to participate. Further details will follow.
  - The Union of Nova Scotia Municipalities has been asked to  
  organize support for similar events across the province.
  - A major event has already been planned for Thursday night  
  at the Halifax Metro Centre. This evening of entertainment  
  will be in support of national unity. The concert is free.
  - The three Nova Scotia party leaders have agreed to raise   
  the Quebec flag in a special ceremony at Province House    
  prior to the opening of the legislature on Thursday. This    
  gesture is intended as a show of support for Quebec   
  remaining within the Canadian federation.
  - The Legislature session planned for Friday has, by all   
  party consent, been cancelled so that MLAs and others can   
  attend the various unity events.
  - Nova Scotians who have questions or who wish to convey   
  support for Canadian unity can call the following numbers:   
  902-464-6960 or 902-464-6961.
  Contact: David Harrigan  902-424-6600
  trp                   Oct. 25, 1995