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  A long-time Nova Scotian lumber family plans a major
  expansion of its manufacturing operation and will introduce
  pressure treated wood products into new markets. The
  Creelman family is expanding Marwood Limited, a Brookfield 
  wood treatment plant in Colchester County.
  Marwood plans to manufacture pressure-treated accessory
  products such as railings, posts and lattice panels for
  regional and export markets. The expansion will see the
  company double its full-time workforce, creating 40 new
  jobs. Fifteen seasonal people are also employed at the
  Brookfield plant.
  The Nova Scotia Business Development Corporation has
  approved a $4.2 million loan to assist Marwood Limited in
  its major expansion, Economic Renewal Minister Robbie
  Harrison announced today. The company's expansionary plans
  include constructing four buildings and buying machinery for
  separate manufacturing processes.
  "The Creelman family has been operating sawmills in Nova
  Scotia since the early 1930's and they've been steadily
  growing ever since," Mr. Harrison said. "Their expertise in
  the lumber business, plus their solid management record, and
  the strong market potential for Marwood's wood treated
  products makes this an exciting project."
  The growing demand for pressure treated wood accessory
  products provides an opportunity for expansion at the
  Marwood plant in Brookfield. With increasing homeowner
  demand and the rapid development of the large building
  supply chain stores, the market for pressure treated wood
  accessory products is strong in Canada and the United
  States. Marwood is a dominant player in the pressure-treated
  wood and accessory market in the Atlantic region, but the
  majority of its sales result from exports to the U.S.
  "This is exactly the kind of product expansion project the
  Nova Scotia government is interested in financing," Mr.
  Harrison said. "Marwood is a traditional resource-based
  company that is adding value to its existing product line in
  order to access new export markets. This expansion will
  produce products of exceptional quality, allowing them to
  compete in large markets like Quebec and the U.S."
  Natural Resources Minister Don Downe said he is delighted to
  see this type of value-added expansion. "Marwood's
  utilization of spruce, pine and fir in the manufacturing of
  pressure-treated accessory products is an additional use of
  these softwood species and that's a plus for our forest
  industry," said Mr. Downe. "The company will buy lumber from
  local sawmills and raw logs from landowners presently
  selling out of Nova Scotia." All raw materials will be
  sourced within 25 miles of the Brookfield plant.
  The pressure treatment process utilizes chromated copper
  arsenate (CCA) which is a non-leaching, water-based
  preservative. Accordingly, the product is considered much
  more environmentally friendly than oil based wood treatment
  The company also operates manufacturing plants at Hammonds
  Plains, Halifax County, and in Fredericton, N.B. Marwood and
  its associated companies are major suppliers to large retail
  building supply companies like Home Depot and Kent Building
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  trp                          Oct. 25, 1995