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  Justice Minister Bill Gillis announced today that the
  province will be seeking applications to fill two vacancies
  in the Provincial Court. One of the new appointees will sit
  in the Halifax area and the other in Kentville.
  An advisory committee, comprised of two members appointed by
  the Nova Scotia Barristers Society, the Chief Judges of the
  Provincial and Family Court (or another designated judge of
  these courts) and four lay persons appointed by the Minister
  of Justice will consider the applications.
  Dr. Gillis announced that guidelines for provincial judicial
  appointment have been revised. The advisory committee will
  submit a short list of recommended candidates, which will
  normally contain between three and six names. Candidates
  will not be ranked. Instead, a brief description of each of
  the candidates will be provided by the committee.
  The committee will evaluate applicants based on a broad
  range of criteria. The committee will review the candidate's 
  qualifications, personal characteristics, intellectual and
  judgemental ability, professional excellence, and community
  awareness and understanding. Included in the evaluation will
  be the potential candidate's reputation for fairness,
  commitment to public service, and level of professional
  The guidelines state that the provincial judiciary should be
  reasonably representative of the population it serves. The
  committee is therefore asked to address the serious
  under-representation of women and minorities when
  considering applications. As well, the guidelines ensure the
  bilingual nature of the province is recognized, and 
  reflected in the judiciary.
  The revised guidelines are similar to those used by the
  Government of Canada in federal judicial appointments.
  "These guidelines underscore our commitment to the integrity
  of the judicial process," said Dr. Gillis.
  The two appointments are expected to be made within three
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  trp                      Oct. 25, 1995