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  A total of $18 million, cost-shared by the provincial and
  federal governments, will be invested to support Acadian and
  Francophone school governance in Nova Scotia.
  Specifically, the Canada-Nova Scotia Special Agreement,
  signed by Canadian Heritage Minister Michel Dupuy and Nova
  Scotia Education and Culture Minister John MacEachern in
  Ottawa Monday, will provide $6 million over three years in
  funding to implement Acadian and Francophone school
  governance in Nova Scotia. An additional $12 million will be
  invested over five years, beginning in 1996-97, through the
  Official Languages in Education Program. This funding will
  support specific plans now being developed by Nova Scotia's
  implementation committee on school governance, and to
  undertake necessary capital projects.
  "I want to sincerely thank the federal government for its
  strong support," said Allister Surette, the Nova Scotia
  government's special policy advisor on Acadian-Francophone
  governance. "It certainly confirms that our government is
  going in the right direction and is willing to work in
  partnership with Acadians and Francophones to enable them to
  be directly involved in our children's education."
  Mr. Surette added that the funding is a real boost to the
  work of the Acadian-Francophone implementation committee.
  "We have been working very hard on developing a plan to
  support excellence in education for Acadian and Francophone
  students, and to help preserve our culture," he said. "Now
  we know we will have the dollars to turn our plans into
  Specific details on allocating the funding will be worked
  out between federal and provincial officials.
  Contact: Donna MacDonald, 902-424-2615 to arrange interviews 
           with Mr. Surette.
  trp                       Oct. 25, 1995