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  The Provincial Apprenticeship Board will hold a Round Table
  on Apprenticeship and Skills Training, Saturday, Oct. 28, at
  the Halifax Campus of the Nova Scotia Community College,
  Bell Road. The objective of the day-long event is to
  strengthen dialogue among government, industry and
  tradespeople. The meeting is open to anyone with an interest
  in apprenticeship and skills training.
  Theme of the event is "The Changing Face of Apprenticeship",
  reflecting the need to not only focus on traditional skills,
  but also on those required to meet the growing demands of a
  changing workplace.
  Topics that will be discussed are industry's/government's
  role in workplace training; delivery models of technical and
  institutional training; and the changing workplace,
  considering issues such as new and emerging occupations in
  high-tech manufacturing and crafts and performing arts.
  Education and Culture Minister John MacEachern said
  apprenticeship depends on regular dialogue among government,
  business and industry. "Apprenticeship is a good option to
  meet the retraining needs of high-tech and other employers.
  This round table is an effort to continue the dialogue about
  apprenticeship and skills training so that the programs can
  develop and change as needed, to accommodate and keep up
  with the changing workplace," the minister said.
  This is the second Round Table on Apprenticeship and Skills
  Training; the first took place in April 1994. From that
  meeting a mandate was developed for the then newly formed
  Provincial Apprenticeship Board, to be proactive and work
  with all stakeholders to plan training. The role of the
  apprenticeship board is also to promote the apprenticeship
  system to the private sector, as well as consider and make
  recommendations for new occupations to be designated for
  The board has surveyed over 800 businesses to find out their
  views on apprenticeship programs and apprenticeship training
  in general. Results are still being reviewed, however the
  initial response appears positive about apprenticeship type
  Apprenticeship is also being discussed with other Atlantic
  provinces, as well as nationally. Results of Saturday's
  round table will be brought to a national conference this
  Registration charge for this one-day venue is $15.
  Registration begins at 8:30 a.m.
  Contact: Bernie MacDonald   902-424-0872
  trp                      Oct. 26, 1995