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  We Care! That's the message Nova Scotia is sending to
  Quebec. Nova Scotians will join a Celebration of National
  Unity Rally in downtown Halifax's Grand Parade, Friday, Oct.
  27, from 12:45 to 1:45 pm.
  The rally will coincide with the Stand Up for Canada Rally
  in Montreal, to add the Nova Scotia voice to a national
  "Canada without Quebec is unthinkable," said Nova Scotia
  Premier John Savage. "We want to make certain that the
  people of Quebec know that Nova Scotians care. We add our
  voice to those across the country to declare our pride in a
  Canada that includes Quebec."
  The Halifax rally will feature local entertainment,
  participation from the Acadian, Aboriginal and African Nova
  Scotian communities, and a ceremonial flag raising of the
  "The people of the metropolitan Halifax area care about the
  future of our country," said Halifax Mayor Walter
  Fitzgerald. "We join all Canadians in this national display
  of unity for Canada."
  The political message is echoed by the metropolitan Halifax
  business community. "A united voice in Nova Scotia is a
  united voice for Canada," said Vince Marsh, president of the
  Metropolitan Halifax Chamber of Commerce. "The issue extends
  beyond economics. The strength and unity of our country lies
  in the strength and unity of our people."
  Premier Savage, Mayor Walter Fitzgerald, Dartmouth Mayor
  Gloria McCluskey, Halifax County Mayor Randy Ball, Bedford
  Mayor Peter Kelly, Mr. Marsh, members of the provincial
  legislature, and mayors and wardens from throughout the
  province will be joined by hundreds of Nova Scotians as they
  travel to Quebec on Friday, to attend the Stand Up for
  Canada rally in Montreal.
  Nova Scotians who have questions or who wish to convey
  support for Canadian unity can call 464-6960 or 464-6939.
  Contact: Jennifer MacIsaac  902-424-3219
           Lynn Ledwidge      902-421-6448
  trp                     Oct. 26, 1995