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  Agriculture and Marketing Minister Wayne Gaudet said he is
  pleased to announce the launch of National 4-H Week,
  Nov. 6 - 12, 1995.
  The 4-H Program promotes the development and leadership
  potential of Canada's greatest resource - its youth and has
  been bringing leadership and development programs to
  Canada's rural youth for more than 80 years, the minister
  The program provides the opportunity for members to make new
  friends, learn practical skills and become responsible
  members of society.
  In Nova Scotia, 3,000 young people, ages nine to 21 years,
  and 1,000 adult leaders "Learn To Do By Doing" while
  participating in 4-H projects, clubs and provincial events.
  National 4-H Week is a celebration of 4-H accomplishments
  and is an opportunity to pay tribute to the milestones
  achieved by 4-H members and leaders. It is also an
  opportunity to recognize the contributions they have made to
  agricultural communities and rural Canada.
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  trp                    Oct. 26, 1995