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  A consultant has been chosen to guide a Cooperative Business
  Solution (CBS) process to upgrade and reconfigure adult
  correctional facilities in Nova Scotia.
  HHW Consultants Inc./Partnering Procurement Inc. will assist
  the Justice Department's correctional services branch in
  managing the procurement process, Justice Minister Bill
  Gillis said today.
  The CBS process is a new approach to government procurement.
  The process does not prescribe specific work to be completed
  or goods furnished. Instead, objectives are identified and
  prospective partners suggest methods to achieve these goals, 
  working in co-operation with government.
  HHW/PPI will work with Correctional Services to select a
  "preferred supplier" or partner. This partner will help to
  define, develop and implement a plan for adult correctional
  facilities. The plan will outline the number of
  institutions, style and location, appropriate security
  level, and core programs for inmates. The department will
  then work with the preferred supplier on implementation.
  Whether correctional facilities will be operated publicly or
  privately will be decided as the process proceeds.
  "Although we are moving ahead with this process, it is
  important to note that no decision has been made regarding
  the level of private sector involvement in the operation of
  correctional facilities, if any" said Dr. Gillis. "We are
  carefully examining all of our options, and want to find a
  solution that's in the best interest of taxpayers, and
  updates and improves our system."
  To better understand the options that may be involved in the
  reconfiguration plan, a tour of correctional facilities in
  the United States is planned.
  During the next week, three senior staff members of the
  Department of Justice and two Nova Scotia Government
  Employees Union representatives will visit several U.S.
  facilities. The objective of the tour is to examine a number
  of private and publicly run institutions, with varying
  inmate capacities, and security levels. Institutions in
  Texas, Louisiana, Tennessee, and Florida will be visited.
  "It's important that we examine as many options as possible,
  and ensure that union members are part of the fact finding
  process," said Dr. Gillis. "We have held regular meetings
  with union representatives, and will continue to keep them
  informed regarding this process."
  HHW/PPI will now assist Correctional Services in preparing
  the CBS call for proposals, which is expected to go out
  later this fall, with a partner selected before the end of
  Currently there are nine adult correctional facilities in
  the province, with an annual operating budget of $17.8
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  trp                     Oct. 27, 1995