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  Justice Minister Bill Gillis has brought forward amendments
  to the Maintenance Enforcement Act designed to ensure the
  effective and consistent application of the program.
  The program is scheduled to begin operation Jan. 1, 1996 and
  these changes are designed to clarify and improve existing
  Several amendments deal with changes to the wording, and
  contain corrections. One amendment is designed to allow for
  quick resolution when dealing with those who fail to comply
  with a garnishment. Another ensures that there are time
  limits in place regarding the declaration of personal
  property when joint accounts are seized.
  Judith McPhee, director of maintenance enforcement, will
  monitor the payment of maintenance and initiates or directs
  remedial actions as necessary, to enforce the payment of
  maintenance. Currently, court responsibilities for
  adjudication and enforcement overlap. The new program
  separates these functions, while increasing enforcement
  effectiveness and accountability.
  "As we move toward implementation, it's important that the
  legislation be straightforward and consistent, so that we
  may ensure the effective and efficient operation of the
  program," Dr. Gillis said.
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