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  Internal Trade Agreement Act
  Economic Renewal Minister Robbie Harrison today introduced
  legislation for an Act to Implement the Agreement on
  Internal Trade.
  Signed by Nova Scotia and the other Canadian provinces and
  territories in June 1994, the legislation opens trade across
  interprovincial borders. Still in the early stages of its
  implementation, the passing of legislation on the agreement
  will advance free trade among provinces.
  "We're looking at this as the next concrete step in breaking
  down the trade barriers that exist among provinces," Mr.
  Harrison said. "With a good framework in place, we can
  resolve issues quickly and fairly."
  An example of positive change since the agreement was
  signed, is the standardization of qualifications for
  tradespeople. For example, trades such as mechanics,
  carpenters and electricians who have earned their "red seal"
  qualifications in another province no longer face licensing
  delays before plying their trade in Nova Scotia. 
  Conversely, Nova Scotia trades people have the same
  opportunities in other provinces.
  The omnibus legislation primarily amends acts which formerly
  allowed only Nova Scotia residents to qualify for certain
  employment opportunities. Now all Canadians are eligible.
  The affected acts include the Civil Service Act, the Gas
  Utilities Act, the Pipeline Act, the Real Estate Broker's
  Licensing Act and the Wildlife Act.
  All provinces are being asked to ratify the agreement which
  will lead to a national recognition of its principles and
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  trp                      Oct. 31, 1995