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  The following statement on National Unity was delivered in
  the Nova Scotia Legislature today, Nov. 2, 1995, by Premier
  John Savage:
  I rise to make a statement with reference to Nova Scotia's
  response to the issue of national unity.
  The result of the Quebec referendum Monday night raises very
  serious constitutional issues which must be addressed in a
  relatively short period of time if this country is to remain
  Although it's this government's responsibility to represent
  Nova Scotia on this issue, I feel it is important that the
  views of all Nova Scotians be reflected.
  To this end, I have asked the leaders of the two opposition
  parties to meet with me to discuss the opportunities for
  developing a joint response to the constitutional and
  national unity issues. They have agreed with this
  I also intend to discuss the constitution with leaders of
  Nova Scotia's aboriginal people. Today I am also announcing
  that we are in the process of setting up a 1-800 Unity line
  so that all Nova Scotians can respond to constitutional
  issues. I would like to thank Maritime Tel and Tel for their
  cooperation in setting up the line. We will be announcing
  the telephone number shortly.
  Contact:  David Harrigan 902-424-3750
  trp                       Nov. 02, 1995