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  The Labour Relations Board today announced that it has taken
  action to end an illegal work stoppage which commenced
  Thursday, Nov. 2, involving a number of employees of Stora
  Forest Industries Limited, Port Hawkesbury. The complaint
  was filed with the board Thursday requesting the board to
  issue a cease and desist Order against certain employees of
  Stora Forest Industries Limited who are members of the
  Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union of Canada,
  Local 972.
  An interim order has been issued by the board directing all
  employees of Stora Forest Industries Limited participating
  in the illegal work stoppage to cease and desist and to
  return to work at their next regularly scheduled shift and
  perform their lawful duties as assigned by the employer.

  Contact: Paul Langlois 902-424-6950

  trp                                     Nov.02, 1995