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  When you learn that bagpipes are going to be the focus of a
  musical event, do you look forward to it with breathless
  anticipation or are you more likely to plan to leave the
  country for awhile?
  If the former, then mark your calendars for Sunday, Nov. 12,
  when local bagpipes enthusiast Glenn Coolen will be giving a
  free performance at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic in
  Halifax starting at 2 p.m.
  In addition to highland pipes, Glenn will also be playing
  lowland pipes accompanied by Mark Currie and Rob Gordon. The
  stories and music brought from the old world by Scottish
  immigrants in previous centuries are likely to enchant all
  in attendance.
  Although there is no charge for admission, donations to the
  Food Bank are requested.
  Contact: Gary Lunn  902-424-8793
  trp                    Nov. 03, 1995