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  There's an old saying that claims curiosity killed the cat.
  But, for Mike MacEachern of Bridgewater curiosity may just
  land him a job.  
  A graduate of the mechanical engineering program at the
  Technical University of Nova Scotia, MacEachern has been
  looking for work since March 1995. His search took him past
  the Bridgewater Access Nova Scotia office, in the new
  federal building on Dufferin Street, and it was curiosity
  that brought him through the doors.
  "I had no idea what to expect when I walked in the Access
  office," said Mr. MacEachern. "I just started talking with
  the staff and they offered to help." Through ANS, MacEachern
  posted his resume on the Internet and downloaded information
  on ISO-9000, a certified set of international export
  "In the information age, information is what you need to
  empower yourself," he said. MacEachern received responses
  and even interviews from his resume posting, but even more
  important, it gave him the chance to make contacts and
  network. "By accessing the Internet, I am able to see what's
  out there beyond what was already available to me before
  entering the Access office." He believes this kind of access
  will lead to a job.
  The essence of ANS is its all-encompassing appeal. ANS
  provides information on all levels of government
  departments, programs and services and is designed to put
  clients in touch with the right contact as quickly as
  possible. "Our staff works in partnership with specialists
  in government and business to deliver useful information and
  make resources available to the public," said David
  Townsend, manager of the Bridgewater ANS office.
  Like many first-time entrepreneurs, Elizabeth Powers and
  business partner Laurel Widrig, both of Lunenburg, were
  unsure of the next step to develop their business idea
  further. "When you have four children, you don't have the
  opportunity to work full-time to do all the necessary
  research. Access Nova Scotia provided us with a number of
  manufacturing directories and helped us cut through a lot of
  red tape to get to where we are today," said Ms. Powers.
  Like the hundreds who have found their way to the Access
  office, she was surprised at the range of resources
  available. From business services and directories, on-line
  databases, consumer guides, permit and licence requirements
  to personal appointments with specialists, Mr. Townsend says
  the centre is a model for partnership.
  "Representatives from our partner organizations like the
  Acadia Centre for Small Business, Community Economic
  Development, the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency and
  the Department of Labour's occupational health and safety
  division can meet with clients at the centre by
  appointment," he said.
  The Bridgewater office has been open and assisting residents
  along the South Shore for the past five months.
  For Ms. Powers and Ms. Widrig, both are surprised at the
  direction they've been heading. "We're looking in directions
  we never thought we'd be going because we weren't fully
  aware of what was available," Ms. Powers said.
  Contact: David Townsend  902-543-0660
  trp                  Nov. 03, 1995