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  The Registry of Motor Vehicles has begun issuing a single
  licence plate for owners of passenger and light commercial
  vehicles and heavy commercial vehicles.
  The program which began Nov. 1 requires that vehicle
  registration sticker and the single plate must, at all
  times, be located on the back of passenger and light
  commercial vehicles and on the front of heavy commercial
  vehicles. Owners of these three types of vehicles who
  already have two valid license plates may, if they wish,
  remove the unnecessary plate. This extra plate can be
  disposed of by the owner or it can be forwarded to the
  Registry of Motor Vehicles Halifax office for disposal.
  Transportation and Communications Minister Richie Mann says
  the new single plate policy "is part of our commitment to
  protecting vital safety programs while meeting fiscal
  targets. The savings of about $160,000 a year will be used
  in other programs such as our roadside licence suspension
  for drunk drivers, our graduated driver licensing program
  and other highway safety initiatives.
  The new policy will not affect staff levels at the Registry
  of Motor Vehicles, he said.
  The cost for vehicle registration will remain the same and
  the cost of a replacement plate will be $5.00 per plate.
  Prince Edward Island, Quebec, Manitoba, the Yukon and the
  Northwest Territories have similar programs.
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  trp                   Nov. 03, 1995