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  Community Services Minister Jim Smith announced today that
  complaints contained in the Stratton Report regarding
  employees of his department will be examined by the
  investigatory team established by the Justice Department.
  "I asked my staff to recommend a process. What they have
  said is that the professional approach already offered by
  the team at Justice should be expanded to include facilities
  run by our department. It is a sound, professional approach
  that is offered by the team already in place. We are
  committed to a fair, thorough and comprehensive
  investigation. We will avail ourselves of that process,"
  said the minister.
  In October Justice Minister Bill Gillis named Bob Barss,
  executive director of policing services, as head of the
  investigatory team. At the time of its appointment the team
  was instructed to examine complaints concerning the conduct
  of staff at institutions operated by the Department of
  Justice. That examination will now be expanded to include
  the institutions operated by the Department of Community
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  trp                    Nov. 06, 1995