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  Justice Minister Bill Gillis today announced amendments to
  the Expropriation Act.
  The amendments are designed to clarify and improve the
  existing legislation, and ensure a more straightforward
  system is in place when dealing with the expropriation of
  The amendments change the way "offers to settle" are made to
  landowners. Currently, the expropriating authorities are
  required to make an offer within 90 days after filing an
  expropriation document, and this offer forms the basis of
  any settlement eventually ordered by the Utility and Review
  Board. In some cases, additional information may be required
  in order to properly assess the appropriate compensation.
  With the amendment, increased offers to settle can now be
  made to landowners prior to a hearing before the Utility and
  Review Board, thereby accelerating and simplifying the
  establishment of fair compensation for the landowners. In
  fact, the amendment may eliminate the need for a costly and
  time consuming hearing.
  The entitlement to legal and expert costs is also addressed.
  The amendment ensures that landowners will continue to
  receive fair compensation for their properties, and will
  also receive payment for any reasonably incurred costs. This
  amendment will permit the same board hearing the claim for
  compensation to deal with these costs.
  The effects of expropriation on property mortgages are also
  clarified, as is the jurisdiction of the Utility and Review
  Board. The time allotment to determine business loss
  calculations is increased to provide the maximum opportunity
  for land owners to receive fair compensation for losses
  falling into this category. As well, the issue of
  compensation relating to the loss of access is addressed.
  The amendments provide for compensation for loss of access
  roads, only where no alternate access route is provided.
  "The amendments improve the fairness of the process, and I
  believe that's in the best interests of all concerned," said
  Dr. Gillis.
  Contact: Michele McKinnon  902-424-6811
  trp                   Nov. 06, 1995