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  Following is the text of a statement made today in the Nova
  Scotia Legislature by Premier John Savage:
  I rise today to address a tragic event that is on the minds
  of peaceloving people all over the world --and that is the
  assassination of the Prime Minister of Israel, Mr. Yitzhak
  The world is changing. That is very clear. All countries are
  striving to put in place safeguards and securities to ensure
  that future generations are able to live in peace and
  prosperity through the next century. There are few places in
  this world that face the challenges confronting the Middle
  East, and those challenges have been taken on with some
  measure of success. Centuries of divisiveness and conflict
  are, before our eyes, giving way to an unparalleled peace
  effort. A leader of that effort was none other than Prime
  Minister Rabin.
  This past weekend this voice of reason, this great patriot
  and soldier of peace was struck down by an assassin's
  Unfortunately there are those who -- for their own reasons
  -- fear the peacemakers of this world, and will go to any
  lengths to thwart their efforts. We witnessed the gruesome
  extent of their commitment to that end with the death of
  Yitzhak Rabin.
  The enemies of peace feel that a major roadblock to the
  peace effort has been erected with this abhorrent attack.
  However, they need not take comfort. Yitzhak Rabin has
  ignited a spark of reconciliation among the people of Israel
  and their neighbours. With the help of peaceloving people
  all over the world, his dream of providing a secure and
  prosperous future for all of the children of the Middle East
  will live on.
  I would like to suggest that on behalf of this House and all
  Nova Scotians, you convey to the family of Prime Minister
  Rabin and the people of Israel -- through the Israeli
  Ambassador to Canada -- our deepest sympathies and our
  belief that the aspirations of this truly great man will be
  brought to fruition.
  With the permission of the House, I would suggest that we
  all honour the memory of Prime Minister Rabin with a moment
  of silence.
  Israeli Embassy -OTTAWA
  Mr. Eliy Yerushalmi
  Embassy of Israel
  500 O'Connor Street, Rm. 1005
  Ottawa, K1P 6L2
  trp                     Nov. 06, 1995