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  The provincial and federal governments officially accepted
  the task force report on the Black Business Initiative (BBI)
  and will begin the process of implementing most of the
  recommendations immediately.
  On May 24,Nova Scotia Economic Renewal Minister Robbie
  Harrision and federal Minister of Public Works and
  Government Services Canada and Minister for the Atlantic
  Canada Opportunities Agency David Dingwall announced the
  Black Business Initiative.
  The $5 million, five-year initiative is designed to support
  the economic development needs of the Black community in
  Nova Scotia. It is co-funded by the two levels of government
  under the Canada/Nova Scotia COOPERATION Agreement on
  Economic Diversification.
  At that time, the five-member task force was designated to
  provide an economic strategy for Black Nova Scotia
  entrepreneurial development and design a program that would
  meet the needs of Black entrepreneurs. The task force
  presented its plan and recommendations to both governments
  on Sept.1, 1995.
  "We're satisfied with the report, which was put together
  after extensive dialogue and communication with the Black
  business community in Nova Scotia. The task force's efforts
  are highly commendable and its findings are the best measure
  yet of the opinions of our Black community," said Mr.
  "I am very impressed with the progress that has been made on
  the Black Business Initiative since we announced the funding
  last May," said Mr. Dingwall. "In addition, we are pleased
  that the province of Nova Scotia is taking the leading role
  in the process to build the Black Business Initiative and
  the economic future of Nova Scotia's Black community."
  "The vision of the initiative is to create a vibrant and
  dynamic Black presence within the business community of Nova
  Scotia," said task force chairperson, Grace White. "Through
  an approach that addresses the real needs of the Black
  business community this goal can be achieved," she added.
  In addition to the announcement of the BBI, both levels of
  government announced support for a proposal to form a
  Preston Area Development Authority (PADA). While the details
  of the PADA have not been finalized, it is suggested as a
  partnership between the Nova Scotia Economic Renewal Agency,
  ACOA and the Watershed Association Development Enterprises
  (WADE). The thrust of the PADA will be to address broader
  community development issues.
  "Both federal and provincial governments believe they are
  delivering on a commitment made two years ago, when the
  former Preston Area Development Fund became defunct. This
  shows a commitment to restore and expand assistance to Black
  business people.  We're pleased to take the initiative a
  step further and address the needs of Nova Scotia's Black
  business community," said Environment Minister Wayne Adams.
  Contact: Tab Borden  902-424-3821
  jlw                                     Nov. 06, 1995
  The Black Business Initiative will provide a resource library,
  technical expertise, and assist with access to financial
  institutions, government agencies and business support
  infrastructure. The BBI will also help Black entrepreneurs to
  access existing funding for viable projects through existing
  agencies or its own loan and equity funds.
  The BBI will be governed by a 12-member board of directors
  which will be selected by the Task Force members. The board
  will have regional representation to ensure that the needs of
  Black communities across the province are addressed. Board
  members will also possess the skill sets required to ensure
  the success of the initiative.
  In response to the strong preference voiced by the Black
  Business Community to the task force, a Black Business Centre
  will be established in Halifax. The centre will also serve as
  the BBI's head office. In the spirit of ongoing cooperation,
  it is expected that the centre will be located within the
  Canada/Nova Scotia Business Service Centre, which is already
  established as a source of business information for
  The Black Business Centre will offer business skills training,
  counselling, consulting assistance, research, administration
  and communications/public relations support services, as well
  as an array of ongoing assistance to Black businesses. 
  With a staff of six professional workers, the BBI will ensure
  its services are available to all Black communities
  province-wide. All training components of the BBI for the
  Preston area will be located in Preston. Regional business
  development managers will travel extensively throughout the
  province to deliver the programs offered by the Black Business
  Copies of the executive summary of the Task Force Report are
  available from:
  The Nova Scotia Economic Renewal Agency
  World Trade and Convention Centre
  1800 Argyle Street, 703,
  P.O. Box 519, Halifax,
  Nova Scotia  B3J 2R7
  The full version of the Black Business Initiative -Report of
  the Task Force - is available from public libraries.
  Members of the task force include Grace White, a
  businesswoman from Dartmouth; Tony Ross, a Halifax lawyer;
  John Madison, a retired military and businessman from Preston;
  Joan Jones, a Halifax community worker; and Dolly Williams, a
  community activist from Preston.