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  A new marina and park area is being developed on the
  Goldboro, Guysborough County waterfront to attract sailing
  enthusiasts and recreational fishers.
  Infrastructure improvements at the Goldboro wharf and
  adjacent property will include a docking facility, boat
  launch, parking area, outdoor toilets and picnic tables.
  The federal and provincial governments are contributing
  financial assistance to the tourism infrastructure project
  proposed by the Goldboro/Isaac's Harbour Community
  Development Association.
  The Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency is providing
  $23,000 while Tourism Nova Scotia is providing $14,500
  toward the $63,000 project. The Goldboro/Isaac's Harbour
  Community Development Association is also contributing
  $14,000 and the Community Development Fund is contributing
  combined loan and grant assistance of $11,500.
  The announcement was made by Economic Renewal Minister
  Robbie Harrison, and Francis LeBlanc, MP, on behalf of
  Public Works and Government Services Minister and Minister
  for ACOA David Dingwall.
  "The tourism industry holds great promise and potential for
  economic development along the eastern shore," said Mr.
  Harrison. "A functional and attractive waterfront facility
  that is accessible to tourists is essential to promote
  growth in the area."
  The project is part of the Marine Drive Nature Tour
  initiative, a series of tourism infrastructure developments
  along the eastern shore designed to attract visitors and
  increase spending.
  "This project complements other tourism initiatives in the
  region, such as the Canso waterfront development, and will
  no doubt provide an economic boost to this area," said Mr.
  LeBlanc, "I am pleased to see that the local community has
  also solidly supported this project."
  Ken MacLeod, of the Goldboro/Isaac's Harbour Community
  Development Association said, "This is a great area for
  boating and mackerel fishing. Residents and summer people
  alike have a lot of fun in and around the harbour, but we
  badly need some facilities to make it attractive for
  tourists to stop here and spend some money."
  The marina and park will be able to accommodate water-based
  travellers, as well as land travellers, offering a rest area
  with a panoramic view.
  Contact: Linda Laffin  902-424-6810
           Rhonda Holtz  902-426-3470
  trp                      Nov. 07, 1995