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  A tender call will be issued soon for the demolition of two
  vacant hospital facilities in Sydney, Supply and Services
  Minister Gerald O'Malley announced today.
  The buildings, which formerly housed the Sydney Community
  Health Centre (St. Rita's) and the Sydney City Hospital,
  were declared surplus following the opening of the Cape
  Breton Regional Hospital last year. Two parts of the
  Community Health Centre complex - the St. Ignatius Building
  and the steam plant - will not be demolished as they
  continue to be used.
  "Efforts were made to find alternate uses for these
  facilities, including a public request for proposals in
  July, but no feasible proposals were received,"  Mr.
  O'Malley said. "The real estate occupied by these buildings
  will have a much better chance of commercial or residential
  development if the buildings are removed.
  "We have advised municipal officials of our plan and they
  agree that the demolition of these buildings will enhance
  the development potential of the properties."
  An environmental scan of the two buildings took place in
  October and a more intensive audit will be underway soon. 
  Following this environmental audit, demolition proposals
  will be called, likely in December.
  Contact: David MacNeil 902-424-2933
  trp                       Nov. 08, 1995