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  A lunchtime celebration is being held Nov. 14 at the Nova
  Scotia Centre for Craft and Design to herald the Christmas
  buying season. It includes a new display in their showrooms,
  a concert held in conjunction with the exhibition in their
  Mary E. Black Gallery, a chance to talk with some of the
  finest artisans in the Province as they demonstrate their
  refined techniques in four of the Centre's studios.
  The Centre for Craft and Design, located at 1683 Barrington
  Street (corner of Prince), is a focus for craft development
  in the province, and has invited representatives of various
  institutions and organizations which act as formal or
  informal partners in assisting the sector to join with the
  crafts producers to meet the public and the press from 11:45
  a.m. till 12:15 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 14.
  At 12:15 p.m. until 12:45 p.m., a free concert performed by
  the talented, "Abendmusik" will take place in the gallery,
  drawing attention to the exhibition, Sound Craftsmanship:
  Making More than Music, of musical instruments by over
  thirty craftspeople working in Nova Scotia. This will be the
  first of several weekly concerts during the exhibition's
  time at the gallery.
  Demonstrations in woodworking, weaving, glass, basketry and
  jewellery in the centre's studios will allow you to talk to
  the makers of the products you see. The new display, called
  Exposing the Limits, is exposing more than the talent of
  local craftspeople.
  Long recognized in Nova Scotia as a familiar part of the
  Christmas buying season, crafts are now becoming
  acknowledged as an increasingly important part of our
  economy and our culture, typical of the renaissance expected
  in the province's life, built on its identity, its people
  and their creativity, through cultural enterprises.
  The current series of Christmas craft fairs is still an
  important part of the producer's market, but more are
  exporting to new markets in Western Canada, the U.S.A., and
  considering Japan. New export sales are estimated at $3.4
  million this year. What is less well understood is that the
  crafts industry is creating new, long-term jobs in Nova
  Scotia, adding to the more than 300 businesses solidly
  established here. The total value of sales annually is
  estimated to be $100 million.
  The Nova Scotia Centre for Craft and Design showcases some
  of the high quality crafts produced in Nova Scotia and acts
  as a catalyst for new designers. It offers a complete
  experience to visitors and information on the range of
  products available without the pressure to buy. Whether out
  of province visitors or local people, they contact the
  makers of the crafts they saw on display to buy directly
  from them or from retailers.
  Contact: Chris Tyler  902-424-4062
  trp                     Nov. 09, 1995