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  Residents in Wolfville and the surrounding area will soon
  benefit from a new community health centre.
  The Department of Health announced today its interim
  approval of a strategic plan and proposal which charts the
  development and establishment of the new health centre
  facility, to be located at the former Eastern Kings Memorial
  Hospital and Fundy Mental Health buildings in Wolfville.
  "This is an excellent example of how to use available
  resources to establish community-based health care services
  determined in partnership with the community itself," said
  Health Minister Ron Stewart. "Providing greater access to
  quality health care in the community is the underlying theme
  to health reform in Nova Scotia. The department is very
  pleased to work with the transition and strategic planning
  committees and the many other people who played an
  instrumental role in identifying an answer to a health care
  need in eastern Kings County."
  The community health centre will provide a variety of
  programs for residents including a clinic, health resource
  centre, counselling, radiology, and rehabilitative services.
  In October, the Department of Health gave $84,500 to the
  Eastern Kings Memorial Hospital to support health promotion
  and community clinic programs which are already well
  underway. Additional programs will be developed within the
  context of a regional planning process.
  The transition committee held 14 community consultation
  meetings over a three month period to determine health care
  needs. In addition, focus groups were held to identify
  concerns of specific age, interest and risk groups, and
  studies from Acadia University on student's medical needs
  were reviewed.
  Acting board chairman, Raymond Baltzer said, "It's very
  gratifying to get approval from the Department of Health.
  This will help us to focus on primary health care serving
  the needs of eastern Kings County."
  The transition committee and steering committee were
  comprised of representatives from communities in eastern
  Kings County who serve on the Eastern Kings Memorial Board;
  the Community Health Association and representatives from
  Wolfville Town Council; Acadia University student population
  and the physicians' group.
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  trp                     Nov. 14, 1995