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  The Sydney Mines Learning Centre is expanding its innovative
  community-based learning approach. The project will see an
  increase of 30 students per session participating in its
  literacy, social and employability skills program.
  "We can accomplish much by working with local partners to
  develop new ways to overcome the barriers that keep people
  out of the workplace," said federal Human Resources
  Development Minister Lloyd Axworthy, "The Sydney Mines
  Learning Centre puts an emphasis on results and self
  Human Resources Development Canada will contribute $2
  million over a two-year period to expand the centre's
  curriculum and bring its learning approach to more persons
  in the community.
  The Sydney Mines Learning Centre project is a partnership
  forged among local businesses, fisheries unions, the
  Regional Industrial Training Commission, provincial and
  municipal social services, the John Howard Society,
  Childrens' Aid of Nova Scotia, the Atlantic Canada
  Opportunities Agency, the Nova Scotia Department of
  Education and Culture and the North side-Victoria District
  School Board.
  "This is an excellent example of partnerships in action,"
  said Nova Scotia Education and Culture Minister John
  MacEachern, "By drawing on the strengths and resources of
  the community this centre will be able to sustain itself and
  assist the young people of the community for years to come."
  The Sydney Mines project is designed to reach youth who have
  dropped out of school or are at risk of dropping out. Other
  clients include young and adult offenders, the unemployed,
  single parents and drug and alcohol abusers. The centre's
  success rests in its holistic approach -- with an emphasis
  on the social skills, academics and emotional, mental and
  physical wellness.
  To date, 290 students have been enrolled in the program
  full-time and another 200 at-risk students attend part-time.
  More than 500 have taken part in educational sessions aimed
  at the prevention of drug abuse and intervention. But many
  more remain on the centre's long waiting lists - which the
  expansion will help address.
  With increased funding, additional staff will be hired and
  the centre will be able to run two shifts per day, enhancing
  the use of the building and its facilities. The centre's
  computer-based learning system will also be expanded with
  additional work stations and software.
  There will be an adolescent drug treatment centre, a
  residential component and mentorship and counselling for
  clients. An entrepreneurial readiness program will also be
  set up, drawing on the centre's partnership with local
  business, North side-Victoria District School Board and the
  North side Economic Development Assistance Corporation.
  Contact: Kathy Moggridge  902-426-8306
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  trp                    Nov. 15, 1995