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  The Nova Scotia government has earned more than $144,000
  through the sale of surplus goods and property since Apr. 1,
  Supply and Services Minister Gerald O'Malley announced
  today. The minister made the announcement while tabling the
  Surplus Crown Property Disposal Report.
  In addition, 68 community and non-profit organizations
  across Nova Scotia received donations of office furniture
  and equipment, vehicles and medical equipment. "These were
  items that have no more use within government and, because
  of their condition, had little re-sale value," Mr. O'Malley
  said. "But the items can be of use to the non-profit groups
  that request them, and we make every effort to match these
  surplus items with requests."
  Supply and Services also coordinated the donation of surplus
  computer equipment to NovaKnowledge Association for
  distribution to Nova Scotia schools.
  Goods and property are sold through public auction and
  tender calls. The top price received was $151,000 for land
  and a building in Amherst. Because this property belonged to
  the Atlantic Provinces Special Education Authority, an
  agency of the four Atlantic provinces, Nova Scotia's share
  was $57,380.
  The minister of Supply and Services is required to report
  surplus property disposal during each session of the Nova
  Scotia legislature.
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  trp                      Nov. 15, 1995