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  The Alice Hoskins Gallery - International Art will open
  Friday, Nov. 17, at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia.
  Located on the second floor, the Gallery is dedicated to
  international art which allowing special space to display
  works of art from around the world. Art educator Dr. June
  Buchanan will be guest speaker at the opening reception at
  7:30 p.m.
  British, Dutch, Italian and American art from the 1rst
  century AD to the 20th century will be featured in this
  first exhibition. The initial installation in the Alice
  Hoskins Gallery features a special painting from the Studio
  of Rubens and Snyders (c 1611), entitled The Fruit Dance, on
  loan from Halifax collector Farhad Vladi. Other artists from
  the gallery's collection include Salvator Rosa, Thomas
  Uwins, Thomas Faed, Ernest Lawson and Stanley Royle.
  Alice Hoskins' endowment includes a financial contribution
  as well as a collection of art works.
  "The Alice Hoskins Gallery - International Art is a powerful
  incentive for us to look at ways we can strengthen the
  collection in this area," says gallery director, Bernard
  Riordon. "The principal consideration is to place the
  institution in a position that instills confidence in
  collectors who will give serious consideration to donating
  art works to fill this important gallery."
  "I feel the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia having a gallery of
  international art will give a special milieu and raise the
  profile of international art," explained Alice Hoskins. "Art
  is an expression of the human spirit combined with skill and
  those expressions differ from country to country."
  Alice Hoskins was born in Montreal, and after living and
  travelling abroad, moved to Nova Scotia in 1974. Among other
  degrees, she graduated with a Masters of Arts in Art
  Education from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in
  1979, and a Masters of Science (Phys. Ed.) From Dalhousie
  University in 1986. Ms. Hoskins is a teacher, published
  author, artist and former volunteer and education officer of
  the AGNS. She has travelled extensively and is the author of
  two illustrated books on Japan. She resides in Pleasant
  Valley, Antigonish County.
  Contact: Ann Marie McKinnon  902-424-8935
  trp                     Nov. 16, 1995