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  Funding for the Acadian Community Arts Development Program
  was announced today by Education and Culture Minister John
  MacEachern. The aim of the program is to encourage and
  enable Acadians to explore the arts as a way of expressing
  their culture and heritage.
  "This program is about developing the arts at the community
  level," said Education and Culture Minister John MacEachern.
  "By encouraging Acadians to express themselves through the
  arts, we hope to foster a better appreciation for the arts
  and cultural heritage of this community in Nova Scotia and
  The funding will be used to enable established Acadian
  artists to share their talents and technical skills with the
  community through workshops, cultural exchanges and other
  activities. These artists may also receive funding to
  further develop their talents and to promote Acadian arts
  and culture.
  The initiative is the first major funding for the
  development of Acadian arts and culture in the province. The
  program, funded through a federal/provincial agreement, will
  receive $100,000 in the first year and up to $400,000 over
  the remaining four years of the program. Rather than fund
  one major project, the program aims to support numerous
  smaller initiatives. Artists and communities may receive up
  to $2,000 to develop new initiatives at the regional level
  and up to $3,000 for provincial events. Existing cultural
  groups or events may apply to the program to receive up to
  $1,000 for regional activities and $2,000 for province-wide
  For many years, Acadian artists felt they had to perform in
  English or present their work in Anglophone centres in order
  to be recognized, the minister said. The program addresses
  this, as well as the fact that Acadians have not had the
  same opportunities as their Anglophone colleagues to develop
  their culture and heritage, he said.
  "This is a major boost for the Acadian community ... we hope
  this program will build confidence and inspire Acadians to
  share their rich cultural heritage through the arts."
  The program is a joint effort of the provincial Department
  of Education and Culture and the federal Department of
  Canadian Heritage.
  Contact: Alain Comeau  902-424-3422
  trp                     Nov. 17, 1995