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  A community that has drawn worldwide interest for wastewater
  treatment and a man who has dedicated his life to preserving
  the wildlife of southwest Nova Scotia have been named this
  year's recipients of the Gulf of Maine Visionary Awards.
  The community of Bear River, Annapolis County, and
  naturalist Ted d'Eon of Middle West Pubnico were honored at
  a reception at Province House today for their dedication to
  protecting the environment. The awards were presented by
  Fisheries Minister Jim Barkhouse and Environment Minister
  Wayne Adams.
  The community of Bear River has attracted worldwide
  attention for its innovative and nature-based solution to
  wastewater treatment. The community's solar aquatics
  wastewater treatment facility uses a completely natural
  process of plant and animal life in a greenhouse. 
  "It's a popular solution to an unpopular problem," Mr. Adams
  told guests at the awards ceremony. "Bear River is more than
  just a physical plant. It's an example of what can happen
  when nature becomes a partner, rather than just something to
  Nova Scotia's second Visionary Award was presented to Ted
  d'Eon for his lifetime of work studying and protecting the
  wildlife around the Bay of Fundy and in southwest Nova
  Mr. Barkhouse commended Mr. d'Eon for his valuable
  assistance in monitoring and evaluating the effects of an
  aquaculture project on a Roseate tern nesting area off the
  coast of Pubnico. 
  "Mr. d'Eon's findings helped my department make an informed
  decision on an economic development project in an
  ecologically sensitive area," Mr. Barkhouse said.
  Stressing the need for a collaborative approach in matters
  involving  coastal regions, Mr. Barkhouse said 
  "aquaculturists and environmentalists are working side by
  side to develop sustainable options for coastal development
  in the Gulf of Maine."
  The Visionary Awards are presented on behalf of the Gulf of
  Maine Council on the Marine Environment. The council was
  established in 1989 by the governors of New Hampshire,
  Massachusetts and Maine along with the premiers of New
  Brunswick and Nova Scotia. The mandate of the council is to
  serve as a forum for issues of common concern in the gulf
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