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  For the third consecutive year, Nova Scotia's tourism
  industry posted peak season gains.
  Visitation surpassed 1994 by four per cent, with 44,000 more
  people visiting Nova Scotia this year, while 24,000 more
  rooms were sold, an increase of one per cent. These two
  indicators will translate into increased tourism revenues
  for 1995.
  "Reported increases indicate that 1995 will top the
  phenomenal tourism season Nova Scotia enjoyed last year,"
  said Economic Renewal Agency Minister Robbie Harrison. "The
  planning, marketing and promotion activities practised by
  the tourism industry are definitely working."
  Year-to-date figures reported in Tourism Nova Scotia's
  monthly Tourism Insights publication show:
  - air visitation soared by 24 per cent or 35,000
  - motorcoach visitation jumped 18 per cent or 9,000
  - ferry and recreational vehicle entries both posted
  increases of one per cent;
  - provincial visitor information centres counselled 505,000
  visitors, an increase of 15 per cent over 1994;
  - Fortress Louisbourg celebrated it 250th anniversary and 
  boasted a healthy 22 per cent visitor increase for the
  - Visitors to Peggy's Cove swelled by 17 per cent in
  October, topping 630,000 for the year-to-date.
  "Reported increases were largely fuelled by U.S. and other
  international visitors," said Mr. Harrison. "These visitors
  are traditionally among Nova Scotia's highest visitor
  spending markets."
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  trp                    Nov. 22, 1995