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  Agriculture and Marketing Minister Wayne Gaudet said today
  his department supports the efforts of the Nova Scotia
  Federation of Agriculture, the Canadian Federation of
  Agriculture and other industry groups in addressing the
  changes to the Agricultural Employment Services funded by
  Human Resources Development Canada.
  Recruiting, screening, placement of workers and
  transportation coordination for the industry were key
  services provided through the two Agricultural Employment
  Services offices in the province, in Kentville and Pictou.
  These services are scheduled to close March 31, 1996.
  "These services are extremely important to the farmers,
  particularly in the horticultural sectors," said Mr. Gaudet.
  "We will certainly be working closely with the agriculture
  industry to find alternative solutions."
  Some responsibility for replacement of workers will shift to
  local Employment Centres. However, he said, the industry has
  very special needs requiring a large number of workers at
  critical times to get crops harvested.
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  jlw                                       Nov. 23, 1995