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  Legislation declaring the wild blueberry as the official
  berry of Nova Scotia was introduced today by Agriculture
  & Marketing Minister Wayne Gaudet.
  "There is great history behind the wild blueberry crop in
  this province," said Mr. Gaudet. "This legislation
  recognizes the history, the progress in research, and the
  importance of the wild blueberry industry in this province."
  In 50 years the industry has grown from the hand picking of
  berries that grew in the wild to today's 28,000 acres of
  commercial production. Growers estimate the 1995 crop to be
  over 30 million pounds.
  Much of the success can be attributed to the cooperation
  between growers, government and the processors, the minister
  said. New research was conducted and evaluated on
  cultivation and crop management practices.
  Blueberries are available fresh during the peak of the
  season in August and mid-September, and year round as a high
  quality frozen product.
  The province exports about 75 per cent of the crop,
  resulting in the Nova Scotia blueberry being known
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