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  The provincial government will renovate the existing Visitor
  Information Centre at Amherst, Economic Renewal Minister
  Robbie Harrison announced today.
  He said the building will be renovated to incorporate the
  highest possible quality in travel counselling, public
  amenities and interpretative displays on provincial and
  local points-of-interest.
  "We are moving to re-establish the Amherst gateway as the
  pre-eminent provincial entry point in Canada. At our major
  entry points, we need to impress upon visitors a sense of
  arrival in our special part of the world," said Mr.
  Amherst is the major entry point for Nova Scotia with over
  555,000 visitors crossing the border at that location. 
  He said consultations conducted in the summer of 1995 for
  the Nova Scotia Tourist Strategy confirmed widespread
  support for the redevelopment of the Nova Scotia Visitor
  Information Centre at the Amherst entry point.
  The site plan will provide for the possible future
  establishment of a tourist attraction, should such a
  development be pursued by the community.
  Mr. Harrison said a ramp and a bridge from New Brunswick
  will not be pursued at this time because of its high cost
  and jurisdictional issues with the province of New
  A project advisory committee has been established to provide
  input to government on the project. The committee is made up
  of representatives from the province, the Cumberland area and
  the provincial tourism industry.
  Construction plans will begin immediately and the centre will
  be completed in 1996.
  Contact: Linda Laffin  902-424-6810
  trp                      Nov. 24, 1995